NHS Crisis section cover x Red Pepper Magazine

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PXL_20231207_120022141 copy 1

CLIENT: Red Pepper Magazine
TYPE: Editorial Cover and individal Asets

nhs babel tower

In this project I had the honor of illustrating the current issues surrounding the NHS, the scarcity of resources, increased layers of bureaucracy and privatization in the sector.

I wanted to represent the NHS system as a Babel Tower which is about to fall, with the bureaucrats having a little party on the top, the middle sector being the waiting room of the gp health centre, an overwhelmed gp surrounded by paper work, and outside of it the queues of patients, the overcrowded car parks, the tired strikers and the digital automated systems to book appointment and to manage our health in 'usually" very deficient ways.

nhs illustration

Each part of the illustration is as well a small individual piece that can be applied to different parts of the text.

Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 20.08.07

First Sketch



Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 20.07.43

Final Print



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