Monsters Need Love Too. A tribute to Critters


Bristol 2018

During this year I have focused my personal research in pop culture, icons and myths of my generation, in combination with my own view of society and uses of new technologies.

Call Me. A tribute to Debbie Harry. 2018

The Club. 2018

As a kid growing up in the 90’s, at the height of consumer culture, Marta Zubieta´s work is influenced by popular culture, technology, millenials and nostalgia. Through the exploration of characters and icons from her childhood her aesthetics reflects the effect of new media in human relationships and visual culture in the present day.

Greta the Gremlin: Selfie Tell me: I Am Pretty. 2018

Nostalgia: Slime and Millenials 2018

Pineapple Soul 2018

Fake Yourself 2018

Duckies for Bath Time 2018

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