Winner of Bristol Pound Design Competition in 2018 Link to Bristol Pound Newsletter

3º Prize in 2017 Christmas card competition for UWE Bristol

In this Project I have join my illustration aesthetic with the Bristolian spirit, and I have included emblematic icons, new and old ones, of the city. You can find an SS Great Britain with the LGBT flag, a confused Goram (God of the city) hunting ballons, or the Bristol Bear (Stoke´s Croft icon) skating with the card’s message ” Season Greetings”.

As it started as a Christmas Card, I reedited the design to be used for the Bristol Pound, changing colours, size, and the card’s message to “We <3 Bristol”. You can find it in the 20 pounds notes from 2018 edition.

City Elements description:

1-Suspension Bridge
3- Goram the Giant: It is part of the mythology of Bristol, He and Vincent were the giants fighting for the love of Avona, the goddess of the river, in one of the versions of the tale it says Goram gets drunk and forget about her and Vincent win the battle for the love and the kingdom of Clifton, there is another version were Vincent doesn’t appear, and after some research I found out that Bristol population sympathise more with Goram that with Vincent, taking the character as a symbol of the city.
4- The mysterious fox handing the sign of Bristol (Bristol PRSPC Stoke’s Croft) is based in the fact that Bristol is the UK third city with more urban foxes population.
5-Behind him we have the Christmas Steps with a door that go to nowhere.
6-One of the main Bristol icons, the colour houses
7-The ship is the SS Great Britain, but I changed the flags to something more suited to our nowadays Bristol, LGBT, Peace and Pirates!
8-The blue characters are my personal signature, I use them in lot of my previous designs as they are part of my iconology, but I can remove them if you don’t want them in the card.
9-The tower is Cabot tower in Brandon Hill, with a sculpture of the goddess of commerce on top.
10-The unicorn is one of the main icons of Bristol too and can be found I many places around Bristol, in this one I used the City hall Building, that actually has 2 unicorns.
11-One of the most famous graffitis of Stoke’s Croft
12- The bear from Bear Pit in a skateboard (Bear pit and young people icons)
13-The M32
14- The sign of electro acid music, because I consider this city one of the more relevant in England related to electronic music production
15-The radio building and surrounds refers to Nelson St and that emblematic building with Chinese karaokes, restaurants and supermarkets where you can also find all these bigs buildings and graffitis, a big urban area that is close to the centre and stokes croft. Some of the buildings with big windows refer to that emblematic squads in Stoke’s Croft area.
16- The car disappearing in a hole talks about Bristol as a city that doesn’t like pollution and private transport, we are modern but we want to keep on being a green city.

Want to know more?

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