Marta Zubieta is a spanish artist living in Bristol, UK. 

Specialized in illustration, graphic design and mural she inspires herself from the 90s cartoons, sci fi, lowbrow, pop surrealist art and latin folclore to create her adult illustrations for forever teenagers.

Bringing vibrant colour to often bleak subjects, Zubieta explores the millennial culture and its issues through pink tinted glasses, neon colours and dreamy characters.

Selected clients:
Glastonbury Festival, Gardiner Haskins, Digg Magazine, The Bristol Pound, Threadless, Marimo Magazine, Winifred Rose, Wild in Art, Go Wild Gorillas, James Cook University, Google Actívate, Bristol Tourist Centre, Visit Bristol, PizzaRova.

Currently based in Bristol, UK

T: +44 (0) 7746397304

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  • October 2019 Solo Exhibition - The Farm. Bristol
  • July 2019 Cosmic Soul Collective Summer Weekend Exhibition
  • May 2019 Solo Exhibition Glitch Bristol
  • January 2019 Alpha Theta -Collective Exhibition at Art Number 23. London
  • January 2019 Collective Exhibition MA Graphic Arts. Centrespace. Bristol
  • December 2018 Honey Art Show.  Collective Exhibition at Centrespace Bristol
  • November 2018 At PRSC Bristol Break the Image Collective Art Event and Exhibition
  • October 2018 Bristol Equinox Collective Exhibition at The Island Bristol
  • October 2018 Bristol We are Zanna Collective Exhibition at The Space Bristol
  • October 2018 St Solo Exhibition at Duke of York for St Werburgs Arts Trail
  • May 2018 Solo Exhibition at Glitch Bristol.
  • April 2018 Illustration Exhibition at Harbourside Nl Bristol.


  • June 2019 Glastonbury Festival. Pilton
  • May 2019 Wild in Art: Go Wild Gorillas. Jersey
  • May 2019 Gardiner Haskins for ColourTrends Open event. Bristol
  • February 2019 Pizzarova Bristol
  • November 2018 Live Painting Performance for Break the Image. Bristol
  • July 2018 Upfest. Bristol


  • June 2019 Finalist for High Art by Natural Cannabis USA
  • May 2019 Go Wild Gorillas for Jersey
  • November 2018 Winner Skateboard Design for Threadless USA
  • May 2018 Winner Bristol Pound Competition
  • Dec 2017 3rd finalist as Best EP Cover of December in
  • 2017 3rd Prize in 2017 Christmas card competition for UWE Bristol. 


  • December 2019 Hot Blush Mag
  • December 2019 MachoDominante Calendar
  • May 2019 Bosh Comix Volume v.4
  • April 2019 Marta Zubieta x Lacuna Prods
  • November 2018 We are Zanna Magazine
  • October 2018 Threadless Feature Marta Zubieta

©2019 Marta Zubieta. Images may not be used without full permission and credit.